One thing most service providers have in common is that to compete you must be flexible, agile, and highly responsive when your customers are in need.  They rely on you to make their lives easier, from being accessible to your ability to accept the most common forms of payment.

Accepting electronic payments makes doing business with you easier and more convenient.  Payment when you have completed your work means the successful closeout of your transaction and not having to worry over an accumulation of loose accounts receivable ends.

If you provide work to a public entity these days (and even some private companies), you probably need to accept cards for payment.  The difference between electronic payments versus waiting for your customers’ check issuance process can be 90 days or longer.  Think cashflow.

Do you have customers on regular payment cycles?  We can help you to automate the process and store your customer payment information securely and in a compliant manner.  Do you have frequent customers, but irregular billing cycles and amounts, we can streamline the process for you in a safe manner.

Do you need to integrate your payment flow with your QuickBooks Financial software?  We can do that affordably.

Contact Us!  Your Platinum Relations Consultant will work with you to understand your business and needs, and sort through how the various tools we have at our disposal may be deployed for your maximum benefit.