For retailers, processing credit cards can mean a significant increase in sales.  Consumers who use credit cards to make purchases generate higher average dollar amounts per transaction.  Accepting checks is essentially extending credit to a customer you might not know.  The risk of a non-sufficient funds (NSF) transaction is high.  Cash is king, of course.  It comes in limited quantities, however, with no built-in incentive to spend more because the inconvenience of visiting a bank or ATM for more is ever-present.

If you already accept credit cards, have your current processing agreement evaluated for fairness and cost-effectiveness.  If we can help, we will.  If you have the best structure and pricing, we’ll tell you.

We’ll look at your workflow and systems.  Perhaps there are improvements we can make to enhance the experience of your customers, or save you time and headaches.

Connect with one of our Platinum Relations Consultants.  We work with you to enhance your situation across the board.

If you’re ready to start accepting electronic payments, your Consultant will walk you through set-up and will continue to provide you with service and support for the duration.  We strive to grow your association with Platinum Relations to be the ultimate merchant services relationship and the only one you will ever want.

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